Spice things up with these 6 fun sex positions

We bet that by now you’ve tried every sex position in the book during your dates, dear leolist escorts. No need to panic just yet, there’s nothing wrong with your sexpertise. We’re here to show you that there’s a whole bunch of different and fun ways to achieve orgasm with the guy or gal you’re with. Grab a pen and some paper, or take notes with your smartphone, and get ready for some sex enlightenment with us!

Bedside doggie style – Luxury vip escorts ,vancouver, toronto, calgary, montreal, edmonton

We know many of you female and male companions are fans of the usual sex position where a woman bends over leolist toronto, and a guy takes her from behind or a lady uses a strap-on to do the same thing. How about you and your client try something called bedside doggie style? Like the name suggests, you can do it using the bedside, but, to make things comfortable for the lady, you can switch the bedside for a chair or a desk. Mix it up with a position called doggie-style stairs, which, obviously, you can try using the stairs in your place or his/hers toronto escorts.

Face-sitting – Luxury vip escorts ,vancouver, toronto, calgary, montreal, edmonton

This is not to be confused with the incredible moment when a hot woman sits her perky ass down on a guy’s face, or a lady’s, and makes them give her cunnilingus. This position we’re telling you about today is all about blowjobs, but with a twist leolist vancouver. Here’s how to do it: girls, grab a hold of the male client you’re with, ask him to take his penis out and put it on your face. Tell him to thrust his dick into your mouth carefully, though. If he gets rough, you will eventually experience a lot of discomfort and he’ll have to stop.

The Superman – Luxury vip escorts ,vancouver, toronto, calgary, montreal, edmonton

Ladies, are you booked for a date with a guy who likes to go to the gym? If the answer’s yes, tell him you’d love to try this position with him. It requires him to lift your pelvis up until your feet aren’t on the ground anymore and work his penis magic on your G-spot. The pleasure you’ll both feel is going to be amazing vancouver escorts. Guys: delay it and make it even more unforgettable for her and you by pulling out of her vagina now and then.

Pile Driver – Luxury vip escorts ,vancouver, toronto, calgary, montreal, edmonton

This particular sex activity needs both you and your guy client to be in flawless shape. Not even that many porn stars can do the pile driver. Apart from making sure you hit the gym daily, you also need instructions on how to get the most out of this position. The girl has to lie on her neck and have her hips up. The guy needs to stand up in a squatting position. Once everything’s in check, he can begin the thrusting into her vagina. If any of you starts to get uncomfortable, stop and try positions that don’t make her pass out from too much blood rushing to her head.

The cat

A great position for ladies who rarely experience the big O when they have sex with a guy. When you’re with your date, ladies, have him lie on top of you and enter you. His body has to move up on you very slowly till he’s as high up as possible without feeling pain. Instead of inserting his penis into your vagina and pounding it like a maniac, he must grind into you slowly in very small circles. Your clitoris will receive so much stimulation from the base of his dick, that you’ll feel the need to come right then and there!

Tight squeeze

Try this position if you want to have a spontaneous roll in the hay in a small space which, as we all know, is a major turn-on. The advantage of this position is that you can do it anywhere you like, not just in a tight space. Our recommendation is to enjoy it on a chair or the kitchen table. The lady will sit on the surface you both choose, and she’ll wrap her legs around your waist as you stand facing her. As she begins to squeeze you inside her, she’ll put her arms around your back, so she doesn’t fall off and make things awkward.

Ready to try something new in the bedroom with your client? While we can’t reinvent the wheel, we do have some fun new ways to turn the heat on. Spice things up with our fun sex positions and we promise your male and female dates will come back for more. We can’t wait to hear how it went, so remember to tell us all about it in the comment section below!